Your Guide to Natural Sunscreen

When it comes to protecting your family’s skin from sun damage, there’s nothing more important than applying a good layer of sunscreen whenever you’re spending time in the sun, so I’ve put together this guide to the best natural sunscreens for the face and body.

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We all know the importance of thoroughly applying sunscreen before spending time in the sun, but when it comes to choosing the right sunscreen for everyone in the family it can be hard to know where to start.  Natural and organic sunscreens are designed to form a physical shield on the skin to prevent sun damage, and come in a range of different formulas to suit the face and body as well as kids’ delicate young skin, great for providing year-round protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays.


Benefits of natural sunscreen

Designed to provide a physical, protective barrier, natural sunscreens contain active ingredients such as Zinc Oxide to reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays. Unlike mainstream chemical sunscreens, which absorb and filter UV rays, natural physical sunscreens utilise natural mineral extracts to scatter rays away from the skin, helping to provide greater protection against sun damage while nourishing plant-derived ingredients such as Rosehip and Green Tea ensure a smooth application. Another really important benefit of choosing a natural sunscreen is that it won’t end up polluting our waterways. Chemical sunscreens can be damaging to the environment, particularly coral reefs, so if you’re applying a chemical sunscreen before a swim, chances are its ingredients will end up washing away into the ocean and could potentially contribute to coral bleaching.1

Natural facial sunscreen

Acorelle Face Sun Balm SPF 30

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Organii Anti Ageing Facial Sun Cream SPF15 – 50ml


Organii Sun Milk protects your skin immediately upon application, reflecting UV rays like a mirror, by sitting on top of the skin and acting as a barrier to the sun, leaving behind no sticky residue.

Organii 100% Mineral Sun Protection: Offers physical UV protection Does not penetrate the skin, it sit on the surface of the skin to reflect UV rays Contains Titanium Dioxide Contains natural plant oils to nourish and hydrate the skin Is effective immediately after application Waterproof* Suitable for vegans Fragrance free Paraben free Colorant free Dermatologically tested Nickel tested <1ppm Certified Organic by ICEA *Re-apply after swimming