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Bellapierre cosmetics


Bellápierre is one of the fastest growing mineral make-up companies in the world, with a beautiful range of versatile, multi-purpose cosmetics. Founder of the company, David Oren, is a key player in the manufacturing of natural cosmetics. Being in the cosmetics industry since 2000, he has developed a passion for quality and purity; not just a business idea. In 2005, following on from the great success with his line of skincare, David decided it was time to move forward and try something new. Having realized that the cosmetics trends were moving towards natural, organic products,David began researching one idea in particular which seemed to be forming a niche in the cosmetics industry: mineral makeup. Shortly after, Bellapierre was born. Bellapierre Cosmetics products are unique because of the fact that they produce and manufacture their own products, enabling them to respond quickly as the cosmetic market trends change. The diversity of the color pigments and the fact that themineral make up product line is all based on natural ingredients appeals to all skin types and tones.







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