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Feelsofab is based in London, England. Founded in 2014,  A Passion for natural and organic makeup, skin care and body care led to the creation of Feelsofab, conscious beauty store.

We are passionate about bringing you the best natural and organic skincare and cosmetics products from around the world. The brands we have many of them are also certified by the various natural and organic certification bodies around the world.

Feelsofab brings you a huge selection of exceptional cruelty-free, completely natural beauty and wellness goodies online, so you can shop from the comfort of home. We only stock the highest quality gorgeous guilt-free beauty products, 100% free from nasty toxins and animal testing.


40 Messina Ave

London NW6 4LD

United Kingdom

Registered in England: Company No. 09109754

Thanks so much for visiting our site and for being a part of our journey in some way.


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